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Three Basic Methods Steps to Search Engine Optimization

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Web optimization is the art andscienceof making web pages appearexciting to the search engines. The better optimized a website is, the superior the ranking it will receive from a search engines web crawlers, the higher its ranking the more traffic your website will have, the more traffic your website has the more profit your website will create. The key is beneficial internet search engine optimization.

Why is  possessing a high standingsocrucial to the long termsuccessof your online business? Researcheshave shownthat customers hardly ever look at websites that don’t rank a spot on of the first two pages the search engines displays.Websites that receive a ranking that places them on the third page (or any other pages after that) see a extensively lower amount of site visitors at their sitesthen one that is ranked on the second page. There is even a unbelievable difference between the first andsecond page. In the world of e-commerce ranking and strong seo is everything.

At first search engine marketing may feel liketrying torappel down the Grand Canyon, ahugescaryworldfull of big words like web crawlers, PageRank, Meta tags, and algorithms. You’venever heard of any of these things. A quick internet search of the word algorithm doesn’t help; all yougot was a printout of strange symbols and numbers arranged in complex algebraic equations.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and try to unwind. Search engine optimization is a lot less complicated then you mightthink. First things first.

Algorithms really are every bit as complicated as they appear. Simply defined they are a finite set of very carefully outlined guidelines. Most, if not all, computer programs are designed with strict algorithms.

Page Rank is simply the plan Google intended to search, index, and rank it’s registered webpage’s. Page Rank operates on a link analysis algorithm. Page Rank is credited for Google amazing accomplishment.

Web crawlers are tools search engines use tosearch the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. When web crawlers are browsing websites they are searching for algorithms.

Meta tags are distinctive HTML tags thatpresent information to about a web page. Meta tags are published directly into the title tag and are only noticeable to the search engine.

The reality of search engine optimization is that you can start to Enhance your website without any know-how at all of the technical stuff involved in search engine optimization. Simply stated the very first step in developing a website that is going to be well ranked by the search engines is to create a content rich site. What this means is that you must cram as muchfacts about your product into your website as you possibly can.

The third step to search engine optimization is to fill your site with keywords that will entice the web crawler’s attention. The final step in a wonderfully optimized website is to submit it to the search engine that will praise it.

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The Guardian Project

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If you have a business that has been around for “a while” and, well, maybe people know what you do, know what to expect then you may be looking for ways to brighten up your image, to modernize it a little.

If you’re the local No 1 then you can get away with advertising “Even more of the same next year” but if you’re not at the top of the pile then – you need to start bridging the gap between you and the next company up in the pecking order.

Other articles have discussed how to identify your target market, what language they speak and getting your message in front of them. This is all about how one business has done that, and has succeeded in getting massive, even world-wide publicity just by thinking of what their market is looking for, and how to give them more of it.

You may not be a fan of US Hockey (or Ice Hockey for some), so here’s a summary of what the NHL have done. They have teamed up with comic maker extraordinaire Stan Lee – he will create a super-hero character for each team in the NHL, and then write them into a new comic book series. Here’s what “The Flyer” from that series looks like.  (More at

How does knowing this help you?

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Well, what attracts your target market to you? And – how can you give them more of it? Let’s explore the NHL Guardian Project and find some pointers for your business.

What does the average fan experience when they watch the NHL? Lots of action, some (controlled) violence, lots of excitement, and everything in motion all the time. Now think of the average super hero comic – lots of action, (pretend) violence, excitement and movement all the time.  I say ‘pretend’ violence in comics because no real person is actually ever hurt by any violent act in a comic.

Both products are in entertainment, both appeal to nearly the same demographic and where there is a difference the comics reach a younger audience. How’s that for adding a new product line AND building tomorrow’s fan base at the same time?

Your business might not be able to star in a new comic strip – but it can certainly look beyond what everyone else has done and bring another product line in, and maybe also appeal to a younger demographic.

Take a look at our marketing entries to get some ideas on how to identify your demographic and what they are looking for. Use this example as a way to think waaay outside that square!

Tell us what ideas you come up with and the best one will receive a copy of “The Most Important Letter in Business” and find out the eight areas of your business that maximise profits.

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The Power of a Good Idea

One of the most valuable items in your business is a good idea. In fact it was a good idea, coupled with the right people, at the right time, with the right know-how that created the business in the first place.idea-lightbulb

If you look around the most successful businesses are those that continually update their product line, and continually remain up to date with their communication and delivery.

So how do you harness the power of good ideas? What needs to be done to maintain a constant stream of ideas to ensure that at least some of them will be good ones? Like everything else – many hands make light work!

There are three basic sources: one is of course you, the expert. Allow your creativity full reign and be prepared to be surprised at the good ideas you come up with.

Another good source of ideas is other industries. What is happening in other industries that you can ‘import’ into yours? Could you use the communications capability of say Facebook? Or maybe the logistics capability of UPS? Maybe the sales motivation of an MLM company?

You may not be able to recreate the whole capability of the other industry, but maybe you can use some part of that capability? For example – establish an online presence for your company. There are many sites that encourage businesses to set up a profile, and to use that as part of their marketing efforts. Many of them are free, though as always you probably get what you pay for.

Maybe you can use the capability of modern phones to improve your logistics? Maybe you can use an intranet to record sales and report current commissions and rewards, and in so doing encourage your sales staff?

I’m going to assume that you are the owner or manager of a business or department, and if that’s true then you are surrounded by experts who can give you many new ideas on how to improve the business. You call them ‘staff’ or ‘employees’ and I say ‘partners’.

By doing the job every day they know the problems that are currently being experienced, and most of the time they know what would solve the problem too. All you have to do is ask them – and reward the good ideas.

For example: let us say that you offer 10% of the financial difference made in the first year by any ideas that are implemented. If the idea saves $1,000 a year, the person who suggested it receives $100. If the idea saves $10,000 then they receive $1,000.

If you only had one idea to generate a 10% increase in  your profit line then  how would you implement it? Add a comment with your ideas or questions and we’ll make sure you get the credit for it!

So there you have it – the power of a good idea and where to find them.  I look forward to replying to your comments and connecting with you.

Education and Training Profit Your Team

Profitable thoughts

A business owner or manager must have an extensive business education, and be able to apply that education at a moment’s notice. Being in business without knowing what you’re doing is most likely to be an expensive pastime. Having an education without applying it is an indulgence.

Most mentors, managers and advisers will give you plenty of knowledge that they have gained over their career, and some will tell you what you could have or should have done in given situations. We’re different, we want to tell you what to do before you need to do it, and tell you in a way that is easy to bring to mind.

We want you to be able to bring the lesson to mind during the time when you need to apply it, after all that’s the point of knowing something – to be able to employ it.

There are many ways to ‘anchor’ thoughts in your mind so that they can reappear when you most need them, and we will use several in this site. Some we will explain, others we will just employ to best effect. The end result is that you will learn what you need to know and be able to employ it just when you need it.

One technique we use is to use words starting with ‘P’. Yes, other people have done this, but we have more words than the others, and we imbed them in your mind more effectively than they do. The way we do it you will be able to bring the concepts to mind any and every time you need them.

In previous articles we have already mentioned profit as an important word, and one that is important to your business. If you haven’t read our entry on that please take a moment to read it now.

From that article you will know that a potential client’s problem is important, so is your promise and your proof. Get them right and you will reduce your need to compete on price. Notice all the words starting with ‘P’? Make a mind map that connects these concepts in a way that makes sense to you, and that will make them even easier to recall.

Look for articles in future that take either a concept (like Publicity) or a subject (such as Performance) and provide you with a concise, easy to recall story that will be useful every time you need it in future.

We told you about the ‘P’ device to make things easier to recall, to bring back to mind. Did you notice the other techniques that are also employed here? It doesn’t matter (though we’d be happy to get your feedback) if you didn’t consciously notice them, they are there and they work. You’ll become aware – if you aren’t already – when you hear someone use a trigger word and your think “What was that ‘P’ word again”?”

Education and Training Online Business Profit What You Need To Control Your Team

Your most important message to Customers

The other kind of person that is important to your business is your customer. Without customers, you have no business. So let’s spend some time thinking about them.

First up, be aware that they do not share your priorities. They are looking for things like value for money, good service, and quality goods. This is important for a many reasons, perhaps the most important one is: they have the money and the choice of where to spend it. It is that choice that makes their priorities the most important priorities for your business.

You see, if you can tap into those priorities, if you can demonstrate that you too consider these things to be most important then the customer is more likely to buy from you.

So how do you do that? It starts by talking to the customer in a language that they understand. Here are some ideas for your next promotion.

What potential clients understand best is: they have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Their problem may be that they need a new product, or they need a service. For example they need a new appliance, some food, a new car or they need a plumber, a doctor or an accountant. Have you noticed when you are looking for something you need that your senses go into overdrive? You become aware of the slightest indication that someone might have a solution? You are immediately focused on what the other person is talking about? Your customers are the same.

That means that at the beginning of every sales conversation you must tell them about their Problem. Take a sentence or two to tell them about the problems of cooking with a broken appliance, the challenge of getting the kids to school in an unreliable car, or the problems that might happen if their tax were to be prepared by an ineffective accountant.

Let’s explore that a little – have you ever made a purchase because something was unusual, or unique only to find that you discover half a dozen of the same thing on the way home? Those people didn’t just buy the same thing today, you were simply unaware of them until now. This is explained in the article about your RAS.

If you have identified your market correctly, and you are speaking their language then they will be listening – just like you were when your RAS drew your attention to those things on the way home. Human Beings are designed to filter out the clutter and focus on what is important to them – this is also why you hear your name said in a normal tine, even if it is the other side of a crowded room. By describing their problem in their language you will have their undivided attention, and they will want to know the rest of your story.

The next step is to make them your Promise. “I can fix that”. Tell them, again in a sentence or two, about how you can solve their problem. If you have correctly identified their problem, described it in language they understand and now made this promise attractive and believable, they will be keen to read the rest of your promotional piece. And that’s just what you want them to do! The first goal your advertising pieces must achieve is make the potential customer want to know the rest of your story.

Some marketers create long, repetitive and boring adverts, and settle for the reader scanning to the bottom and filling in the enquiry form at the end. That is a person who wants to try. You want the person to want to buy. This process achieves that.

You already know the first two steps: describe their problem in words they understand, and make a compelling promise. The first is designed to produce the response “You got that right!” and the second produces “If that’s true, I want some of that”.

The third step is where you tell your story. Not a made up tale, this is the Proof that you can do what you claimed. The first two sections can be quite short. This section may be as long as it takes to tell your story. However, it will only work if it is succinct, interesting to read (or listen to, or watch depending upon the technology you used), keeps moving and has no unnecessary repetition.

The fourth step is to introduce the price in such a way that it represents great value for money and doing business with you is as easy as can be. Then you include your ‘call to action’. That can be your order form, it can be your information request, it is whatever you had in mind as the outcome when you sat down to create the campaign.

If you have done your work correctly, you have someone who knows that you share their pain, is keen to listen to what you are saying, has accepted your proof, believes that your price offers good value for money, and has found that taking the next step is really easy. And that means your profits just went up.

Can you see that by concentrating on the client and their needs you have automatically generated a profit? By combining the best people in the right roles inside your business and looking at things from your customer’s perspective you have made your business good to do business with? That means that you have taken a step away from competing on price, and that’s good for your profit margin.

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