Procrastination–5 things you need to know.

First, let’s agree that procrastination is not a good habit to have. It damages the likelihood of achieving any goal – pretty obviously, if you never quite take action then the goal can never be reached. So why would people do this to themselves? Remember that everything people do, they do because it makes sense to them at the time.

What do you need to know about Neuro Marketing?

Every so often science develops something of real value to a business, and this is one of them. Learn how playing the right music might increase your sales by 200%

Who do I need in my network?

Yesterday we learned about networks and the spread they must have. Today we focus on a different kind of segmentation.

happy05102125138Would a network of 10,000 people, all customers, all regular purchasers, be a good network? Well, it may not be a bad network, but there are better networks, and I don’t mean one that has 10,001 customers!

To make the absolute best from your network you need to have at least a couple of people in it who regularly bring you new opportunities. Otherwise you can get stuck doing the same old same old.

You need another couple of people who help you evaluate these opportunities, and still others who will finance the business that results from the new opportunities.

Then you need some people who you can trust to look after – to manage, to lead – these new opportunities, and still others to work in them.

You need financial wizards who can take your money and make it work for you, to in effect create another opportunity, or at least another income stream.

You also need a group of peers who keep you grounded, who stop you from believing that every opportunity is a winner, or that somehow you have become infallible.

You need solid support from friends and family, and you need to look after your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Each of those adds another group into your network.

Can you see that you need a network that contains many different types of people, and that you need a good, strong connection with them all as per the previous article?

How do you build a network like that? That’s in our next article.

What experience do you have with you network that you’d like to share? Do you agree or disagree with this article

How do you build a network?

If you’ve read the last two posts then you know that your network is already bigger than you think – or it needs to be, and you know that it has to have the right kinds of people in it. So – what do you need to do to build it?

What the heck IS a ‘Network’ anyway?

Everybody knows that they need one, but – what exactly is a ‘network’? How do you build one and what use is it anyway?