Without Marketing You Have No Business (Blockage #2)

You have the first blockage covered – proof of concept. Now you need to demonstrate that you can sell your offering. You know it works, now you need to be able to sell it or nothing else needs to be done.

That’s a bit harsh, and it follows the advice in an earlier post – you need a market that exists, and that you can connect to and influence.

If you continually give your output away then you have a charity. Charities are good things, I’m a Director of one myself, but they are not something that you need if you are attempting to make a regular profit.

Or if you continually sell your goods or service for less than the cost to produce it then you have a hobby. Again, hobbies are great to have, unless it is supposed to provide you with a living.

You know that you have reached the time to focus on building sales when potential customers stop asking you to prove it works – instead they ask “How will it work for me?”

You’ve proved the concept and now you have to be able to sell your offer for a price that provides you and the others involved in your organisation with an appropriate living standard.

Your sales price has to allow for the original cost of goods for sale, cost of equipment, rent, professional fees, consumables, salaries, utility fees, Government fees and all the other costs of doing business, plus some left over for you.

You might know that you can reduce your cost of production and so initially offer a price that is not sustainable, but however you do it you must calculate an accurate and profitable sales price and be able to sell at that price.

In summary this is where you figure out your price point, and get your marketing and sales activities planned and implemented, establish your sales training (how you want your sales people to do their job, your order taking process, your product knowledge training and so on).

This is the Salesperson persona in the E-Myth book. Before someone else probably did the selling – now you need to do this too. Read the E-Myth (Author Gerber) to find out more.

When you regularly do that you are ready for the next step – getting the right team on board.

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