Why Your Marketing Misses The Target


Do you subscribe to the idea that you just have to advertise, even though the return is sometimes negative, and even though you don’t know whether one ad works better than any other?

I will write a series of posts about marketing, each building on the other, until you know exactly what to do and why you do it, and what return you will expect from your adverts. So let’s look at the very basics of advertising.

Basic statement #1: Advertising is supposed to encourage people to buy from you.

Now I know you think that’s d@#^ed obvious, but it isn’t as obvious to some as it should be. Let’s explore that a little.

Is the advert in the right place? What do your target market read (or what shows do they watch on TV etc)? You might have the perfect advert but have signed up to place it in the wrong place – meaning none of your market are likely to see it.

Have you ever bought something that is really “You” and so unusual – it is something that you just have to have because it captures “You” and you’ve never seen it before? Then you see a half dozen of them on the way home? That’s because your brain has a filter that makes sure your conscious mind isn’t overwhelmed with unnecessary ‘stuff’, and until you bought one that filter didn’t know to let you see them. It’s also why you hear your own name when somebody says it at normal conversation levels the other side of a crowded room. Everybody has this filter, and that means that many people don’t see your advert, even if it is in the right place. The message was wrong, and your target’s filter kicked in and they never became aware of your advert. (Search the internet for RAS if you want to know more about this, or later I’ll include a post about exactly this)

The relevance of this is: unless you can get past your target’s RAS then they will remain blissfully unaware of your advert, and that means they cannot be influenced by it. You just lost a potential sale.

The heading or the first couple of sentences in an audio or video need to connect with their RAS. The next couple of sentences need to make your message relevant to them. If you don’t then they will be aware of your attempt, and mostly what they will recall is the decision to ignore it.

This is the core of what is meant by “Write your advert from the client’s perspective”.

The next post will describe what goes into a successful advert.

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