Do You Want a Mobile Money-Making Machine?

Most people in business would say yes to owning a mobile money-making machine. The good news is most probably already do, but just don’t know what to do next.

The mobile phone in your pocket – well, everyone’s pocket, really – can be a source of income for you, if you know what to do. Here are a few tips.

Most businesses these days have a website, but not many have pages optimised for smaller screens such as those on mobile phones. Does your site, and if not are you missing out on revenue because of it?

google-android-phone-prototypeSome think that the mobile phone market is too small to worry about – a recent study on the Asia-Pacific region discovered that ringtones and mobile music services alone accounted for over 21% of all services (or US$6.2 Billion) during 2008!

Games and other entertainment accounted for 44% (US$12.9B) and that market has already grown, and will continue to do so.

Do you have a product or service that can be delivered to a mobile device? It doesn’t have to be exciting or sexy to make a lot of money – an application that displays the weather in selected parts of Australia is consistently in the Top 10 selling applications, year after year!

Do you have Bluetooth© devices? Then you may be able to automate the recording of staff attendance. All you need is an application that searches for your server as staff walk past a given point on the phone, and a device that records who walked past. You’re right, it can’t keep track of which direction they were going – but I’m sure you can resolve that problem easily enough.

Do you send discount coupons to prospective customers? Why not direct a message to their phone, or ask them to photograph some specific item – for example a discount voucher displayed in a public place (or even your own window) that regularly changes? That way you reduce your printing costs and people go looking for your latest offer.

Can you use multi-language support? There are already phone applications that allow people to take a photograph (for example of a menu) and have it scanned and translated into other languages. How might this help you?

imagesSome areas of the planet are populated by people who cannot afford a computer, but nearly every one of them has a mobile phone – think of areas outside major cities. If your product is suitable then you can’t afford to ignore this market – they may not individually be big spenders but there are a lot of them.

And let’s face it – a lot of the companies in the bigger end of town are active in the mobile market – that should be a hint as to where it is going!

What other ideas do you have that maximise your profit in return for a little focus on smaller, mobile devices?

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