What do you need to know about Neuro Marketing?

Every so often science develops something of real value to a business, and this is one of them. Learn how playing the right music might increase your sales by 200%

Thinker1Neuro Marketing (also called Neural Marketing) is in effect marketing to the subconscious but it isn’t the old fashioned subliminal messages thing!

To work it must be out in the open, clearly available, and yet connect deep down inside the potential buyer. Let me give you an example.

A liquor shop created a display with two similar red wines, one French, and one German. The wines were of similar price and quality, both attractively presented, and again both were on the same display, so everything was as equal as possible. During the experiment – because that’s what this really was – the shop played music that was clearly German or clearly French on alternate days. One day the shop would play German music, the next day it would play French music.

On the days that German music played the German wine out-sold the French wine by three to one. On the days that French music played the French wine out-sold the German wine by – you guessed it – three to one.

University studies have gone as far as complete brain scans while people look at business logos. Some logos trigger a flight response! How much better would those businesses be if their logo was even neutral?

Hippocrates documented four types of people over 2,000 years ago, and many profiling systems have reaffirmed that over the intervening years. In recent years experiments with brain scans have confirmed that – for any given image there are four patterns of brain scans. That’s important because the different types are motivated by different things. Let me say that a different way.

Any individual is only interested in one quarter of the reasons to buy an item. The other reasons either mean nothing, or are actively reasons to not buy – for that specific person. The next person you try to sell to might well be positively inspired to buy by the exact reasons that turned off the last one.

Neuro Marketing can tell you which reasons the person you are talking to will respond to. Do you need to treat them as though they are the most important person in the room? Or get them to participate, and show them how much fun it will be if they buy from you? Maybe you need to tell them how their family will benefit, or perhaps the better practical result they will get?

What that means is that in the average sales presentation about 75% of the time you are actually talking the person OUT of buying from you!

Does it make a difference, and if so – how much? One sales person who used these techniques achieved a 97% sign-up rate. Most companies are happy with 10% or 12%! (And for the facts based folk reading this – the 97% were stronger, more loyal customers than those signed up by other sales people.)

Neuro Marketing costs almost nothing to implement other than a little effort involved in getting trained, and of course some course fees. Here is knowledge that will at least double your current sales for zero extra (ongoing) costs. Would you like double your current sales?

Neuro Marketing works both face to face and in the online/print media, and all forms of audio/video marketing. In fact the techniques allow parents to talk to, communicate with and be understood by their teenage children!

If you want to know more then contact us and I’ll send you details of the most valuable course you will ever attend. (No, it isn’t my business, but I have done the courses and I know the difference they make).

Have you heard of Neuro/neural Marketing, or maybe experienced it as shopper or owner? Just click on the Comments link below and let us know what your think!

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