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Can Maquette Help Your Business?

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Maquette (a game by Hanford Lemoore, who retains all rights) is a game based on recursion, where the player is in a world where the only visible items are a smaller version of this world, with an even smaller version visible inside that. Think of the view when two mirrors are placed in front of the other or when you first look at your screen capture program. So how does that help your business?

MaquetteThe concept in Marquette is, I’m told, to move things in the ‘middle’ world and watch them move in the other worlds. In other words the real world is controlled by manipulating a representation of it.

In business we have the real world and our plan for the future. The parallel between the smaller world and the plan is obvious, but t hat’s not the real lesson here!

Recursion is defined as “ the process of defining a function or calculating a number by the repeated application of an algorithm”. The point for business owners and managers is that sometimes you don’t get it 100% right the first time.

Often you need to “try that again” with an improved feature – maybe a different close, or a different headline for an advert for example.

Once the new concept works the way you want it to you can implement it and bank the rewards, until then be prepared to revise and try again, measuring each iteration of course, and then selecting the one that performs best.

Then you only need consider any improvements that can be made over time to maintain your place in the market. That just means that you take more time between revisions!

Do you already review and improve your business on a regular basis, or do you avoid any change at all? Tell us about your experiences in improving your business results.

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Three Basic Methods Steps to Search Engine Optimization

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Web optimization is the art andscienceof making web pages appearexciting to the search engines. The better optimized a website is, the superior the ranking it will receive from a search engines web crawlers, the higher its ranking the more traffic your website will have, the more traffic your website has the more profit your website will create. The key is beneficial internet search engine optimization.

Why is  possessing a high standingsocrucial to the long termsuccessof your online business? Researcheshave shownthat customers hardly ever look at websites that don’t rank a spot on of the first two pages the search engines displays.Websites that receive a ranking that places them on the third page (or any other pages after that) see a extensively lower amount of site visitors at their sitesthen one that is ranked on the second page. There is even a unbelievable difference between the first andsecond page. In the world of e-commerce ranking and strong seo is everything.

At first search engine marketing may feel liketrying torappel down the Grand Canyon, ahugescaryworldfull of big words like web crawlers, PageRank, Meta tags, and algorithms. You’venever heard of any of these things. A quick internet search of the word algorithm doesn’t help; all yougot was a printout of strange symbols and numbers arranged in complex algebraic equations.

Sit back, take a deep breath, and try to unwind. Search engine optimization is a lot less complicated then you mightthink. First things first.

Algorithms really are every bit as complicated as they appear. Simply defined they are a finite set of very carefully outlined guidelines. Most, if not all, computer programs are designed with strict algorithms.

Page Rank is simply the plan Google intended to search, index, and rank it’s registered webpage’s. Page Rank operates on a link analysis algorithm. Page Rank is credited for Google amazing accomplishment.

Web crawlers are tools search engines use tosearch the World Wide Web in a methodical, automated manner. When web crawlers are browsing websites they are searching for algorithms.

Meta tags are distinctive HTML tags thatpresent information to about a web page. Meta tags are published directly into the title tag and are only noticeable to the search engine.

The reality of search engine optimization is that you can start to Enhance your website without any know-how at all of the technical stuff involved in search engine optimization. Simply stated the very first step in developing a website that is going to be well ranked by the search engines is to create a content rich site. What this means is that you must cram as muchfacts about your product into your website as you possibly can.

The third step to search engine optimization is to fill your site with keywords that will entice the web crawler’s attention. The final step in a wonderfully optimized website is to submit it to the search engine that will praise it.

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