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A business owner or manager must have an extensive business education, and be able to apply that education at a moment’s notice. Being in business without knowing what you’re doing is most likely to be an expensive pastime. Having an education without applying it is an indulgence.

Most mentors, managers and advisers will give you plenty of knowledge that they have gained over their career, and some will tell you what you could have or should have done in given situations. We’re different, we want to tell you what to do before you need to do it, and tell you in a way that is easy to bring to mind.

We want you to be able to bring the lesson to mind during the time when you need to apply it, after all that’s the point of knowing something – to be able to employ it.

There are many ways to ‘anchor’ thoughts in your mind so that they can reappear when you most need them, and we will use several in this site. Some we will explain, others we will just employ to best effect. The end result is that you will learn what you need to know and be able to employ it just when you need it.

One technique we use is to use words starting with ‘P’. Yes, other people have done this, but we have more words than the others, and we imbed them in your mind more effectively than they do. The way we do it you will be able to bring the concepts to mind any and every time you need them.

In previous articles we have already mentioned profit as an important word, and one that is important to your business. If you haven’t read our entry on that please take a moment to read it now.

From that article you will know that a potential client’s problem is important, so is your promise and your proof. Get them right and you will reduce your need to compete on price. Notice all the words starting with ‘P’? Make a mind map that connects these concepts in a way that makes sense to you, and that will make them even easier to recall.

Look for articles in future that take either a concept (like Publicity) or a subject (such as Performance) and provide you with a concise, easy to recall story that will be useful every time you need it in future.

We told you about the ‘P’ device to make things easier to recall, to bring back to mind. Did you notice the other techniques that are also employed here? It doesn’t matter (though we’d be happy to get your feedback) if you didn’t consciously notice them, they are there and they work. You’ll become aware – if you aren’t already – when you hear someone use a trigger word and your think “What was that ‘P’ word again”?”

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