Can you handle your business finances?

Most people think that business finances are the same as personal finances. There are similarities, of course, though the differences will bite you unless you know about them.

How Does Egypt Help Your Business?

The most popular search term for 27 Feb 2011 was ‘Egypt’. How does knowing that help your business?

Tips From Business To Business Two

Everyone is born with an ability to perform better than others at some things (and maybe not so good in others). In sport we recognise this – Michael Jordan was born to play Basketball, Usain Bolt to run, and Bradman to play Cricket.

What letter is most important for business?

I’ve asked many people to tell me the most important letter for a business person. Most people answer "My invoice" when talking about letters they send, or the confirmation of an order for letters they receive. While those letters ARE important, that's not the letter I'm talking about. The letter that is most important in business is the letter 'P'. Let me explain why.