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Plastic surgery

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There is hardly a week goes by without some media attention to plastic surgery. usually somebody has had it that didn’t need it, needs it but didn’t have it, or might have needed it once but now has gone too far. So how does that relate to your business?PlasticSurgery1

To generate the right kind of attraction a business needs to look good, just like people need to look good. Not enough of the right image and your business will look a bit ‘low market’, and too much ‘image’ or one that is over the top will mean that potential customers still pass you by.PlaticSurgery2

Think of the places you go shopping – which do you prefer to shop at? Look at the color, the general decor, how bright the place is and how much natural light, how clean and tidy the premises are and how they ‘fit’ into the neighborhood.

You probably dress your best when you go to visit somebody important, or when they are coming to visit you. There is no more important person to your business than your customer, so you need to look the part when they arrive. Imagine visiting a doctor and finding them in greasy cover-alls, or going to a mechanic and finding them in neat business attire with a white coat and clipboard. It just doesn’t inspire confidence, does it?

Some people arrange more surgery than they need, and the same operation might enhance one person’s looks while having a negative effect on another’s. Same with your business, there is no one ‘right way’. It just has to look like what it is. Each person has an optimal ‘look’ and so does your industry.

This applies just as much to online businesses as it does to bricks and mortar – in this case your website has to look good, to look inviting, just as a regular business premises needs to present the right image. In each case what the customer first sees has to “invite them to come inside”.

So what color and décor should you have in your business? Make a note of the top six local businesses in your industry. Go take a look at their premises and compare them with your own. That will tell you if your premises are in the right kind of place, and if you have the right ‘look’ to attract the customers you are looking for. Copy what looks good, and remove what doesn’t.

If you don’t have local competition take a look at some trade magazines or the internet and compare your premises with other successful businesses by using their media presence.

Have you ever had to perform ‘surgery’ on a business? Or ever run a business that was just perfect? Worse still, have you ever needed surgery on a business but didn’t do it? Let us know your experiences or ask a question and we’ll get some answers for you.

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