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3 Rules For Selecting Staff

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Nearly all experienced entrepreneurs have figured out that getting the right person for the job is of paramount importance, but – how do you do that?

BigBootsLet’s start by accepting that having the right person doing the right job is important, and that it will make a difference. That difference is experienced by the customer as better, more knowledgeable and friendlier service, by the staff as a better work environment, and by the company as less complaints and higher profits.

Another point to make before starting is that this is not an HR treatise. The point is that you would use the skills of your HR people to achieve this end. In that sense, then, what follows is a strategy for selecting new staff.

That doesn’t just mean new to the organisation, it is any hiring or promoting of staff.

So – to get started: The first and most important attribute is that the candidate must have a passion for the role. Early in my managerial career i thought that “an interest” was close enough, now I believe that an absolute passion is required.

It isn’t even that someone who is “just here for the money” will leave when things get tough, or after a year or two. The real problem is that they will not be as effective while they ARE here.

At the birth of the Industrial Revolution the concept of “Man as part of the machine” was also born. That idea held that any person can perform the role, and that with enough ‘encouragement’ – mostly punishment for failing to reach targets – they would all perform to the required standard.

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Would you perform best under duress? Neither does anyone else.

The second attribute that is required is that the candidate must have a skill, talent or ability that the organisation requires. This is where most HR has focussed, for most of the time.

It seems obvious, but if the team needs a Candlestick Maker then there is no point in hiring a Baker. This may be more true in smaller or family-run businesses. Hiring someone because they are your brother- or sister-in-law is not going to do the right thing by them or your business unless they genuinely also have a passion for the role and a skill needed by the team.

The third requirement is that they must have the right personal attributes for the role. These are often called a ‘profile’. There are many profiling systems – Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, Visual Profiling and so on.

What they all identify is that some people crave new experiences at work while some crave stability. Some work best at planning, and others are better at implementing, and so on. There are more articles on this site on this subject, or you can use the internet to research if you wish to know more about this topic. 

The 3 rules for successful staff placement are:
1. Must have a passion for the role,
2. Must have a skill or talent that is useful to the organisation, and that pertains to the role.
3. Must have the appropriate ‘profile’ or temperament for their role.

If you use these as guidelines then you will create a far more solid and profitable business than if you ignore them.

What do you think? Do you agree that some people are better at certain tasks than others or do you disagree? Use our comments section and let us know what you think!

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