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What can you learn from a Pop Star?

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The most popular current search on Google as I write this is the name of a young Pop Star. What does that mean for your business? A lot in terms of promotion and customer loyalty, that’s what.

Nearly every copywriter will tell you to maintain a “cheat file’, where you keep a copy of adverts and copy that resonated with you for subsequent reuse in your campaigns. That’s good advice, and it is where the benefits of the latest Pop Star begin.

You see they have megabucks available for their campaigns. They can just about spend what they like to get the message out, and they will still make a good return. You don’t have to mimic their budget, but you’d be crazy not to mimic their techniques!

PopStarEvery popular musician known to history has been on every music or video hits show and nearly every talk show they can get to. They always talk a little, and then they sing one or two songs and they are off to repeat the actions at the next studio. So what?

They spend all that time effectively giving away their best, that’s what. You get to hear their latest song for free. You also get to know a little about them – they grew up in a little town in Canada/a big city in the USA, they had living parents/they didn’t have any parents, they always dreamed of performing/they were surprised one day by a stranger who asked if they would like to sing for a living. It’s almost like you grew up together, you know so much about them!

And they rarely ask you to buy – they do say that they’d like to see you at the concert tomorrow night, which a cynic could say amounts to the same thing, but there is a subtle difference. If I engage you in conversation and then ask you to buy from me you would be forgiven for thinking that the only reason I engaged you in conversation was so I could sell you something. If instead I say “Looking forward to seeing you at my concert tomorrow” there is a softer ‘tone’, the message isn’t quite so “in your face” and the connection between conversation and converting sales is not so obvious.

“I hope you all enjoy my new CD” is another phrase that really means “Buy the damn thing and listen to it!”. How many phrases can you identify?

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There is nothing wrong in this, by the way. They are simply creating the situation where people want to buy their music, versus trying to find people to sell it to. They do that because it is easier and it lasts longer.

And that’s what your business needs – easier, more effective marketing that is remembered longer. It also usually costs less, and is more likely to go viral.

What can your business give away to generate interest? That can be knowledge/advice, demonstrations, a regular (weekly/monthly) prize, or a cross promotion with another business that serves the same target market. Offer one of their products to your customers, and one of yours to theirs?

How can you let your customers and potential customers know about ‘you’? Just talk to them, with no particular end in mind. They will ask about what is important to them, and you just give a straight answer.

Then you just need to position the desire to buy from you – “Looking forward to …” and then tell them about what hey will receive – “…making your car run like new again”, “… hearing about the fun your kids are having in the pool we built”. You can figure out the right positioning phrase for your business – or should I say phrases. Have three or four, and feel free to pop them into the one conversation.

What was that you just said? Oh, I grew up in the country, and picked up a lot of my values then. When I was 17 I went to College in the city, and learned a lot about how things worked and the importance of getting it right the first time, and being on time. I have continued learning since then, figuring out how to put that into practice in my own business and the businesses I help. And I enjoy doing that – I think that’s what I was put here to do. I’ve been doing it since 1980 and with lots of businesses the same size as yours. So what’s your biggest business problem? Maybe I can help.

No, I haven’t forgotten customer loyalty. Think about the average fan – they plaster their walls at home with posters and assorted gadgets, they buy everything associated with the object of their desire! How many of your customers do that?

Some of them might, if you start to give your customers an experience they will not forget when they interact with you. And that’s the important part – what’s the experience like – buying from you? If it is fun and leaves a lasting positive impression, just like our pop star fans go home singing to themselves, your customers might go home thinking about your business! More on giving your customers a great experience later.

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The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Sales!

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Whole libraries of books have been written about sales, add to that the number of video and audio training courses and the pile of information is quite big. Sadly virtually all of it misses the single most important factor! What do you think that might be? At least some of you will be surprised!

The vast bulk of the current documentation focuses on various techniques. Those SalesPresentationtechniques cover the opening statement (or question) which is typically some statement of the problem to establish that the salesperson knows and cares about the problem you have, then it will continue into the solution phase where the fix will be described (or elicited via more questions) and so on.

That’s all good stuff, but it misses the mark completely. By the time you have read this article you will know why.

Some pundits even suggest that there are different sales ‘personalities’. The point being that to make a sale you need to match your in-built sales model. The way I make a sale might not work for you, and vice versa, and yet both methods might be equally effective.

I think that’s good advice – find your own path, do not try to ‘be’ someone else, but it still only goes half way to the solution.

The real solution is that everybody has their own Buying Strategy. Different people buy for different reasons. To make a sale you need to resonate with the potential purchaser’s Buying Strategy.

There are four groups of motivators that result in four different strategies that different people use when about to buy.

One group is interested in how impressed their friends (and strangers) will be when they see the purchase. Maybe even envious! They are motivated to buy to be able to demonstrate that they are successful, financially secure and can afford the best. They are convinced by facts and data.

Another group is interested in how much fun they and their friends will have as a result of the purchase. They are somewhat spontaneous, and tend not to think about the purchase for too long, instead buying as soon as they can see the great times ahead.

The next group are more likely to buy if they can see how the purchase has a positive effect on their family. That it will add to the quiet good times they already experience. They will want to know the facts though not in as much detail as the first group, and they need to feel that the purchase is a good idea. (These guys can be the toughest to sell to because even if they have all the facts, and they indicate a benefit, they still may not buy!)

The last group is concerned about the effectiveness of the purchase, how ell it will work for them. They are straight-talking, will ask a question and expect a straight forward answer. They buy as soon as they figure out how useful the item will be to them, in their circumstances. That means you can’t talk them into buying, they must do it themselves!

Unless and until you present your case in the correct manner you will find sales a somewhat hit-and-miss affair. By that I mean that you might only sell to two or three out of every ten people you talk to. Yes, I know most companies think that’s a good rate.

What if I told you that when you present your offer in this way – so that it resonates with the purchaser’s buying strategy – your sales rate will double? That would make sense, you are now connecting to the buyer in a way that is natural to them, so of course your results will dramatically improve.

So the single most important factor influencing your sales is their Buying Strategy, and whether that matches your style. By the way – there are four Sales Styles that match the Buying Strategies and even knowing that can improve your sales. The best part is none of these strategies depend on ‘buying’ the sale, or competing on price.

Your percentage sales will increase and your profit per sale is also likely to improve! Don’t believe me? Ask me for proof.

What I want to know is how many of you would be interested in attending a webinar on this topic, and learn exactly what the different strategies are, how to identify them the moment the person steps into your store, and how to communicate your message to them in a way they understand? All without having to ask questions, or spend time observing them interact with others. (No, it isn’t NLP, though if you know NLP this is a far better method of establishing rapport than the NLP techniques though of course they can be used in conjunction with this method)

Everyone who has used this technique so far has achieved better than double their normal rate, with some even reaching over 80%! And the “Buyer’s Remorse” rate reduces!

Leave a comment or email me and if there are enough people interested I will organise a webinar to share the information.

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Secure YOUR Information

pplWhat follows is some advice I received from a member of the legal profession – and for free! It happens to be good advice, and I thought that this was the best way I could spread it to as many people as possible.

We already know about keeping photocopies of the important documents that you carry around with you – your driver’s licence, your credit cards and other id cards, and your passport. Copy back and front of the cards, and at least the main information page in your passport. And don’t carry the copies with you!

Instead of signing the back of your credit cards write “PHOTO ID REQUIRED”.

Never have your Bank print the same name as you use to sign your cheques – if you sign with your initials then print your name, or vice versa.

Never write the full account number / card number on the cheque/check when paying a credit card. Just write the last four digits – your Bank already knows the number.

018772-burglarBe aware of the numbers you need to call to report a missing or stolen credit card, and call them immediately you become aware of their absence.

Like me you’ve probably heard all of the above before – but I hadn’t heard this, and it now sounds SO obvious – also ring the Credit Reference Bureaus and inform them of what is missing. This will prevent your information being used to support a new loan application, or from someone with your name signing up for a new subscription.

Here are some numbers that are useful in Australia:

1. Visa Card Australia 1800 621 199
2. Visa Card International 1800 450 346
3. Lost Travellers’ Cheques 1800 127 477
4. MasterCard Australia (02) 9466 3700
5. MasterCard International 1800 120 113
6. Bankcard Australia (02) 9281 6633
7. Medicare 132 011
8. Centrelink Fraud 137 230
9. Seniors’ Card 1300 364 758
10. Passport 131 232

BayCorp Australia 1300 558 830

ANZ FREECALL 1800 033 844
BankWest 131 718
Citibank 132 484
Tamworth Coles/Myer Source 2340 1300 306 397
Commonwealth 132 221
CUSCAL- MyCard 1300 135 538
GE Capital 1300 369 904
Members Equity 1300 654 998
National 132 265
St George 1800 028 208
SydneyVirgin 2000 1800 080 000
Westpac 1800 230 144
Woolworths Ezy Banking 137 288

I hope this helps – and if you have contact numbers for other parts of the planet then please add them in a comment.

Do you have any direct experience with losing your wallet or purse? What did you do and what would you do if it happened again?

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