4 Parts to Your Image

We all talk about our image in the eyes of our customers as though that was a single entity. In fact there are four parts to that image, and each part must be visible or your message will not be heard, and that can mean that your business will suffer.

How to Write Copy That Makes You Money

Copywriting has become a valuable skill in the Internet marketing world because without a compelling copy, you won’t be able to generate the sales you want. While you can spend lots of time learning copywriting from courses, it is more important that you focus on the practical side of this skill. If you’re not going to use your knowledge than you are only wasting your time. Here are three good copywriting tips that you can use to get you the results you want. 

First, when you start sales copy, don’t error and put most of the focus on the features of the product, but talk to the customers about how this product can possibly help them. Basically, you must talk about what the product can do for the customer more than what characteristics the product possesses. This is because no one really wants to know about the features unless they can do something to help them.If you want to give a list of product features in your sales copy, make sure that you provide a list of benefits go along with each feature. This would make it simple for your customers to know how much value your product has, which will give you a heads up over the competition. Your customers will be able to relate to your product more because they will understand its merits. So always describe to the customer the benefits first. 

You need to make sure your writing style is unique; you don’t have to make sure your writing style is overtly complicated. You don’t have to mimic stuffy know it alls with fancy degrees. Your copy needs to read like a conversation. Write the way that you talk. This way you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble converting your thoughts into writing because you won’t be doing anything complicated. If you can speak clearly, you can write well. Period. 

Last but not the least; don’t get confused when it comes to the length of your copy. Please remember that, if someone is reading your copy, they are going to want to have plenty of information to help them make their decisions. What does this mean? Long copy always outperforms the short copy. This means that if you want to make money you need to write long copy about the benefits of and the details about your products and services. If you are still leaning toward short copy, feel free to write it. But don’t cut too much of your copy. 

Finally, these few tips tell us that copywriting is not just for select few, but can be utilized by anyone that wants to put in the effort and help their business succeed. Once you see and understand the basic items of copywriting, you will understand that it is not as complex as many make it out to be. Actually, it is so simple to do, you might want to make this your full time career.

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Much has been said and written about networking. Most of that is made up of techniques, what to do under different circumstances. This document takes a slightly different tack and instead looks at the basics of networking, more ‘what’ to do rather than ‘how’ it needs to be done.

Getting the right ‘what’ will allow you to develop far more effective ‘how’s. Starting with the right ‘what’ means that you are heading in the right direction, anything else means that you are rowing your boat away from the finish line!

So what IS networking? The answer to that is it is probably different things to different people. Regardless of why you network, you must understand that networking is not a different kind of sales call. You do not attend a networking function to close a sale, instead you attend to open a relationship.

Networking is getting to know people, and letting them get to know you. It represents a way that you can demonstrate your business purpose and principles, how you treat your customers, your attitudes, your abilities and how productive you strive to be.

Be prepared to give your knowledge away for free when you network, and give it away with no expectation of a sale. You are establishing your credibility, not making a sales presentation.

You will get sales from the effort, just not necessarily from the person you are talking to. If you demonstrate your industry knowledge and your personal values then you will make an impression, and eventually you will reap the reward. It may be because the person you spoke to now wants to buy what you sell, or it could be that someone they know needs it.

This is the Law of Reciprocity acting on your behalf. You give value and then that value will return ten-fold. All you need to do is kick the process off by attending networking functions, and let yourself become well known.

It isn’t just turning up and finding someone to talk to though. You need to have specific goals when you network. Some people set networking goals in terms of the number of people they want to establish a connection with, and whilst that’s a great start, there is more to networking than that.

Let’s take a look at what makes a good network and then we’ll take a closer look at the goals you need to set.

A good network isn’t measured by its size alone. Some people have a very strong relationship with 30 or 40 people, and that’s all the network they need. Others have networks of hundreds, perhaps thousands and still don’t have what they need.

You need people who will bring you opportunities, people who will advice or mentor you to get the best out of those opportunities. You need people who will finance those opportunities that stack up. You need people who can manage existing opportunities, and people who will work on the opportunity, both of which allow you to look for the next one – and keep an overall watchful eye on the current crop.

You also need raving fans who will tell everyone about how good you are at what you do, and you need people who will support you with some kind words and appropriate sympathy when things don’t quite go as planned.

Finally, you need some people just like you who are on the same path – to share experiences with, to inspire each other and to provide you with the right ‘grounding’.

Imagine for a moment that you had every one of these positions covered except a Financier. You would struggle to launch any project that you couldn’t personally fund. If nobody brought you new opportunities you would only have those that you directly started. No project managers means you would have to look after them all.

Can you see that your ‘network’ has to be more than just a list of names?

Try this little exercise. Using your own titles for the different roles (Financier, Project Manager, Peer etc) make a list of at least three people in your network that perform that role. One person can have more than one role, although you should minimise multi-role people where possible.

Do you have all the bases covered? If not, what roles do you need to improve? What can you do to find the right people and add them to your network? What WILL you do?

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