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A Reminder: It’s All About People

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I was talking with a friend a couple of days ago about marketing which led us to talk about popular searches  and just for nothing in particular I thought I’d take a look. About 80% of the most popular searches are about a person.

Not the same person, obviously, but to maybe express it more clearly the most popular searches are about people.

The most popular people appear to be those in the ‘Entertainment’ business if you are in the USA. In the UK the most popular people are still in ‘entertainment’ though most likely they will also be someone who did something noteworthy recently. That can be being evicted from Big Brother, confessing to having had an affair a few years ago (Don’t ask me, I don’t know either) or any one of a surprising number of activities that probably wouldn’t get a mention if it was an unknown who had performed them.

In Australia the most popular people were sports people. I guess that’s still entertainment?

How can this help your marketing?

Marketing is about connecting with your target market, meaning with a select group of people. It involves positioning your product or service inside their world, convincing your target market that they need it.

What the popular searches tell us is not to dwell to much on the features of your product or service, instead describe what effect they will have on the person reading your copy. People are mostly interested in people. Connect to that in-built drive and your message will be far better understood and accepted.

Describe the experience of using your product or service from the perspective of the buyer. Show them how it will improve their lifestyle. Include some comments from other people – also called ‘testimonials’.

Remember the world’s most popular radio station: WII-FM. That’s the call sign, their tagline is “What’s In It – For Me?”

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Who Will Be Your Best Customer This Time Next Year?

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Imagine – your business is flourishing, you have lots of satisfied customers, and you make all the profits you can spend. You have the lifestyle you choose, life is perfect. Or – is it?

Shopping Cart with BoxesIt might be IF you also have a steady stream of NEW customers. Well, I’m assuming that you want this business to still exist in a few years from now, and for that to happen you need to constantly add new customers. Why?

Existing customers can be ‘cantankerous’. evil_wicked_mean_nasty_dark_tshirt-p235377278428097782q6ws_400They seldom tell you what they really want or need, they can receive the best product and service and still shop somewhere else next time, they move house, retire, change careers and who knows what else that can mean they no longer need what you sell.

To be blunt – your existing customers are an ever reducing group.

The simple solution is to maintain a steady stream of new – or ‘replacement’ – customers. So – where are these new customers?

They are the people that just moved to your town, they are those who can now afford your prices (or can now only afford you prices!), those whose tastes have changed, those who have a new job, new relationship or who have just experienced something life changing.

And mostly they are in the younger generation who are growing into your offerings. You have a certain percentage of your market. These younger people are a whole new market, just getting ready to buy from  you (and your competitors). If you appeal to them then your market share may well increase, and your business will be a solid, stable and profitable enterprise for years to come.

How do you appeal to them? The same as you appeal to anyone else – what problem do they have that you can solve? How do they express themselves, and where do they congregate, both online and in the real world? Develop your message that tells them what you can do for them, in their language, and place it where they will see it.

If you want specific assistance with your marketing then just ask a question via our feedback link, and we’ll all get back to you.

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Emotion – needed in Business?

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I recently watched “Pirate Radio” (AKA Boat That Rocked) again. A good fun movie that tells the story of a pirate radio  station off the coast of England in the 1960s.  If you’ve seen it you’ll notice that they all seem to be having great fun, and that made me think about being in business – and having fun.

Many people will tell you to keep emotion out of your business.  They are nearly right.

emotionThere is a serious side, and that is to deliver the quality and quantity that your client’s expect, and to require an appropriate reward for that. Keep good records and measure what is going on inside your business.

The thing is though that you must be as passionate about your business as the Pirate Radio guys were about theirs. Being in business can mean long hours, at least to start with, and it can mean being away from home for extended periods, and all sorts of lifestyle concessions, so if you don’t enjoy it then it will feel like really hard work.

And you can’t hide that from your clients! You have probably experienced being served in an off-hand way, and decided not to do business with that store again? Your clients are just as good at figuring out if you care about your business, and if you don’t care about your business then they figure you probably don’t care about them.

If you are passionate about what you do for a living your clients will know, and that will rub off on them! There will be a mysterious ‘X’ factor about your business that competitors will not be able to mimic.

Another way to look at it is: you are likely to be earning a living for a long time, it might as well be doing something you like! If not it will seem like a very long time indeed.

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