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Are YOU Chasing Clients Away?

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Many self employed or those with a commission component in their salary are – perhaps unconsciously – chasing clients away. Are you one? You’ll know when you’ve read this article.

Some discourage clients by describing the benefits of working together in ways that make it sound like any benefits gained might be accidental! It’s true that results might vary from client to client, but don’t make the fact that you can’t guarantee the best results for every client the focus of your presentation.

Describe the best possible result, and then do your best to deliver. Let them know from the start that the client has responsibilities as well, and the better they perform them the better their results will be. You are an expert at what you do, and that means the bulk of the variation is in the client’s hands.

A lot of clients want to find out the price before discussing more than the briefest of details. When asked at this early point many coaches and sales people mumble and often deflect the conversation away from talking about money. The fact is: your client just asked you a question, and they must get a good answer or the game may well be over.

If you already know enough to give them a good quote then do so, with confident tone and posture. If you don’t yet know which of your services is most applicable then just say so: “I’d like to be able to tell you right now what the price would be, but I’m not yet sure which of our services would best suit you. May I ask for some details that will help us both find the right solution?”

You then perform your normal fact-finding to determine what they need, and then confirm the value of the solution, and then give them your quote.

Do you give others the opportunity to tell you about what they need? Meeting people at networking events, for example, is often mishandled. Unless the client leads the conversation this is not where you sell. It is where you establish a good connection, and permission to make contact from time to time.

You then make contact within 24 hours. Thank them for their time, and reinforce how interested you were in what they said and did, and in their business. Then ask them if they understood your services, and what you have to offer, and if they say “No” then offer to meet them to more fully explain. If they say “Yes” then offer to meet them to discuss how you may be able to help people they know.

Talking about helping others is less confronting than asking for a sales meeting, and the important thing is to make contact and arrange another one-on-one conversation. This is the time when you really start building your reputation, and good reputations lead to great sales.

Have you recognised any of your habits here? Or perhaps some of your employees? Well, now is your chance to change that, starting right now. (And we’d appreciate some feedback about what you changed and the effect that had)

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How do you build a network?

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If you’ve read the last two posts then you know that your network is already bigger than you think – or it needs to be, and you know that it has to have the right kinds of people in it. So – what do you need to do to build it?

Strictly speaking there are as many answers to that question as there are people who need to know the answer! With that in mind we will still discover how to build a network, though you may have to change a detail here and there.

SpringFirst of all – there are different kinds of networkers. The first article touched on the two types of networkers, those that naturally build big networks themselves and those who don’t.

If you are not a natural networker you need to understand that you need to develop at least some skills in this area. I’ll share a shortcut soon, but you still need to participate in your own network building!

Every technique described below applies to both natural networkers and everyone else. All that changes is the degree to which you embrace each technique.

Now let’s talk about the shortcut for those who are not natural networkers. Make sure that someone who has a substantial network is in your network. Make sure that one of the few that you trust is very well connected, and that they are OK with sharing their network with you.

They may be more inclined to share their network, or more correctly bring you into it, if there is a clearly understood benefit that you bring to them and/or their network. Let them know what value you bring, help them look good to their friends by having someone like you as a resource. (Not a free resource, but a valuable and valued resource that is paid a fair price for what they do).

First, attend any formal networking events near where you work and live. Just showing up at these events marks you out is a great networker! Be prepared that your new friend might ask you questions, so be know what your answer is going to be.

Formal networking events can be those run by business network organisations such asWinter BNI, BoB, Chambers of Commerce, and Government sponsored expositions.

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Informal networking events include school and college reunions, trade shows (especially where you are not a stall holder), public talks held at a local University or other business premises.

They are great for making connections with the members of  your extended network – yes, you can catch up with customers too, and these events are ideal for widening your sphere of influence.

You widen your sphere of influence by (for example) sponsoring local events or teams, by being a part of the social fabric of your community.

Speaking of ‘social’, you also make use of online social networks. There are many social networks now, and you can even build your own via WordPress and a few plugins! You can spread as far as you want or as targeted as you need by being particular about who you accept as friends and what groups you belong to.

In principle, any gathering of people, either where you are or via an internet connection, is a possible networking opportunity. Now here is a bonus for you: remember that they are ‘networking’ opportunities, not ‘sales’ opportunities.

Most people attend so they can build their network, not so they can listen to your sales pitch. If you discover that you can help solve a problem for someone (the basis of all marketing is being able to solve a problem for someone and telling them) then arrange to meet them at a convenient time and place to explain your solution. You may give them your elevator pitch while you describe your solution, but don’t turn it into a sudden presentation. You will lose more sales than you gain.

And that’s networking. In principle, anyway. All you have to do is practice it, or have someone practice on behalf of your business.

What are your best networking experiences? Funny, foul or fantastic, share your story and learn from others.

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