A Reminder: It’s All About People

I was talking with a friend a couple of days ago about marketing which led us to talk about popular searches  and just for nothing in particular I thought I’d take a look. About 80% of the most popular searches are about a person.

Not the same person, obviously, but to maybe express it more clearly the most popular searches are about people.

The most popular people appear to be those in the ‘Entertainment’ business if you are in the USA. In the UK the most popular people are still in ‘entertainment’ though most likely they will also be someone who did something noteworthy recently. That can be being evicted from Big Brother, confessing to having had an affair a few years ago (Don’t ask me, I don’t know either) or any one of a surprising number of activities that probably wouldn’t get a mention if it was an unknown who had performed them.

In Australia the most popular people were sports people. I guess that’s still entertainment?

How can this help your marketing?

Marketing is about connecting with your target market, meaning with a select group of people. It involves positioning your product or service inside their world, convincing your target market that they need it.

What the popular searches tell us is not to dwell to much on the features of your product or service, instead describe what effect they will have on the person reading your copy. People are mostly interested in people. Connect to that in-built drive and your message will be far better understood and accepted.

Describe the experience of using your product or service from the perspective of the buyer. Show them how it will improve their lifestyle. Include some comments from other people – also called ‘testimonials’.

Remember the world’s most popular radio station: WII-FM. That’s the call sign, their tagline is “What’s In It – For Me?”

How To Waste Your Website – the Easy Way…

There are some things that will make your business seem unprofessional:

  • If customers can not easily order or navigate to where they want to go
  • They can not find images of your products
  • Your site is difficult to read
  • Typographically errors
  • The formatting does not flow easily for the eyes

Your visitors will tend to become frustrated and are likely move on to a site that works well.  They will probably not revisit or even place an order and likely to click off very quickly.

Have several people look at your site and report if there was any difficulty for them.

Remember to check and test your web site regularly for ordering glitches, bad links and broken graphics, etc

Always answer all your e-mail messages as quickly as possible because this may also cause people to move to another site.  If they are hot to buy and have a question or are having difficulty buying from your site, you need to respond asap.

You will quickly lose a sale if you do not respond in time.  If you don’t, it can frustrate your customer enough to ask for a refund or you may have lost a sale because they want you to answer a question before they ordered.

Get their contact details for the on-sell
Make your visitors curious about your product.  Make them sign up to get into a password-protected area to read the rest of your advertisement.  This will give your product a perceived extra value because the information is so well guarded.

Have you noticed any particular situations with some websites that irritate you enough to click away to another site?  Leave a comment and let everyone know…

Did you know that?

Gather some additional interest with a `Did you know?’ section on your webiste

A less boring way of educating visitors to your site and your customers is to create a `Did you know?’ section.  Far more interesting than reading boring blocks of text or an FAQ list.

Are there some very interesting facts about your business, staff, you or your products/service that will surprise people?
Old pubs like to spread stories about their resident ghosts, wineries brag about the impressive background experience of their staff and very old businesses have been known to publish a book on their own history.

Let’s face it, people love trivia and enjoy telling other people what they know, especially if it is some obscure fact that they think only they know.  Give them some obscure but interesting information and watch it go viral!

People like stories just like in this idea

Tell me a story

Make a story about anything in your shop or office

Try putting up little signs or stickers to create interest in your customers (but only if they are true):
`This phone was not thrown by Russell Crowe’
`Hugh Jackman bought a can of Coke from this fridge (date)’

A pet shop has been seen to have info about some of their residents on display, for example regarding their turtle tank, `We are on our honeymoon while our tank is being cleaned.  We will be back tomorrow morning’.

Get creative and tell a story that people can relate to but also relay it to others – because people like to talk and like to tell their friends a new story.

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Sales!

Whole of books have been written about sales, add to that the number of video and audio training courses and the pile of information is quite big. Sadly virtually all of it misses the single most important factor! What do you think that might be? At least some of you will be surprised!