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Are YOU Chasing Clients Away?

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Many self employed or those with a commission component in their salary are – perhaps unconsciously – chasing clients away. Are you one? You’ll know when you’ve read this article.

Some discourage clients by describing the benefits of working together in ways that make it sound like any benefits gained might be accidental! It’s true that results might vary from client to client, but don’t make the fact that you can’t guarantee the best results for every client the focus of your presentation.

Describe the best possible result, and then do your best to deliver. Let them know from the start that the client has responsibilities as well, and the better they perform them the better their results will be. You are an expert at what you do, and that means the bulk of the variation is in the client’s hands.

A lot of clients want to find out the price before discussing more than the briefest of details. When asked at this early point many coaches and sales people mumble and often deflect the conversation away from talking about money. The fact is: your client just asked you a question, and they must get a good answer or the game may well be over.

If you already know enough to give them a good quote then do so, with confident tone and posture. If you don’t yet know which of your services is most applicable then just say so: “I’d like to be able to tell you right now what the price would be, but I’m not yet sure which of our services would best suit you. May I ask for some details that will help us both find the right solution?”

You then perform your normal fact-finding to determine what they need, and then confirm the value of the solution, and then give them your quote.

Do you give others the opportunity to tell you about what they need? Meeting people at networking events, for example, is often mishandled. Unless the client leads the conversation this is not where you sell. It is where you establish a good connection, and permission to make contact from time to time.

You then make contact within 24 hours. Thank them for their time, and reinforce how interested you were in what they said and did, and in their business. Then ask them if they understood your services, and what you have to offer, and if they say “No” then offer to meet them to more fully explain. If they say “Yes” then offer to meet them to discuss how you may be able to help people they know.

Talking about helping others is less confronting than asking for a sales meeting, and the important thing is to make contact and arrange another one-on-one conversation. This is the time when you really start building your reputation, and good reputations lead to great sales.

Have you recognised any of your habits here? Or perhaps some of your employees? Well, now is your chance to change that, starting right now. (And we’d appreciate some feedback about what you changed and the effect that had)

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Starting a business needs more than just a good idea

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I suspect that nearly everyone thinks of starting their own business at least once in their lives, and some are serious enough to make the attempt. Statistically, most will fail in the first 12 months, and most of the remaining businesses will fail over the next 12 -24 months. That doesn’t mean “Don’t try”, it means “Be prepared, and make sure you are one of the survivors”.

There are many factors to consider, and some may at first sound strange, but all are necessary for making a successful business. What is needed is some balance, an understanding or the risks involved and the risk reduction strategy for each.web-marketing-Start-Your-Own-Business

The first place we will explore is why you want to get into business in the first place. It usually is either you believe you are very good at what you do and you figure you can do it better in your own company, you want the lifestyle that business owners have or both.

The balancing thought for the first is that there is a lot more to being a business owner than just being good at what you do. You also must be prepared to actually run the business as a business. That might sound self-evident, but I know of business owners who write notes – including records of paid work done – on little pieces of paper that then go through the wash instead of to their Accounts section. Often the “Accounts Section” is also known as “my souse” or “my life partner” but the principle holds true – your Accounts Dept can only invoice what they know about!

When you are running a successful business you may well have the horses, the yacht, the country lodge for weekends away and an investment portfolio that others can only dream about. Most new businesses start out requiring excessive effort on the part of the owner, many do not return as much as the wages or salary they were paid until they resigned to start their own. Be prepared that as the owner you may well be a poster child for “delayed gratification”. Employees are paid an agreed amount every week, owners take the good and the bad as it comes, at least until the business generates consistent cash flow.

Starting a business, putting your heart and soul into it for maybe a couple of years only to see it sink, taking your life savings with it sounds like an expensive roll of the dice. Well, for the unprepared it can be. There is a solution.

You will maximise your chances of starting a successful business if you do some Market Research first. That doesn’t mean asking your mother and your best friend of they think it is a good idea. Well, you can of course ask them as long as you ask some other people too! And don’t just ask “Do you think this is a good idea?” Instead ask specific, targeted questions that will discover things like: would they buy the product/service, and why (or why not)? What price do they believe it is worth? How often would they buy? What do they think and feel when they hear the description of the idea?

Develop a questionnaire of about 6 – 10 questions and send it to three or four people whose opinions you trust. Take their feedback, improve your questionnaire and send it out to maybe 10 or 15 people, perhaps including those that you first asked. Then take that feedback, improve your questions again, and send it to 50 or more people. Only when you receive generally positive feedback from all of those people do you open for business.

You don’t know 50 people who can tell you if they would buy or not? Then how would you sell your product/service? If you don’t know ‘enough’ people to do a professional market research project then where will you find the buyers from? Business success depends upon being able to reach out and let people know you exist!

If you want to know more about initial market research then contact us and we can assist, even if only by showing you a template questionnaire.

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