Free Website From Google

Launching the online part of your business is important, maybe vital, for the success of the venture. But what happens if you can’t do it yourself and don’t know who to ask for help?

There are many sites that offer free hosting and various levels of assistance in building the site itself, and now that offer has been taken to a higher level.GoogleLogo

Google offer a free website, and free website building tools – including real accounting assistance to properly record what happens within your business. What this means is that your business can be online with a full-function website for zero upfront cost! There are costs from the second year, but then they only become payable if you continue in business, and that assumes that the business is a success!

This offer is specifically for Australian businesses and I’m sure that there are similar offers for other countries, or soon will be. You can find out more about it here:

If you can’t host your own site then you might consider using a WordPress or Blogger based site. Both will host your site for free, and both allow some freedom to include your name or brans in the title.

WordPress also provide a zero-cost environment (called a Content Management System or CMS) that allows you to build your own site without needing any computer programming skills. You can tailor the site to be exactly what you want by using ‘plugins’, which are as the name implies functions that you can ‘plug in’ to the standard WordPress environment.  These plugins add functionality to make it easy to share links with your social networking sites and some ‘mobile’ capability. Check out for self-hosting and for the WordPress hosted version.

Do you have experience with these tools, and would you like to share? Just click on the ‘Comment’ link below this article and let us know what you think.

4 Differences Between Marketing and Sales

Nearly all businesses use the term “Marketing and Sales”, but how many actually know the difference? It isn’t just that “marketing” is when you design the advert and “sales” is everything after that.

MarketingIf your business isn’t successful at sales then you will be out of business soon. Strictly speaking you don’t really need to do any ‘marketing’ at all. What this means is: if your marketing isn’t working then your Sales Team will probably figure out how to achieve their targets another way. The best result is if the two groups fully cooperate to produce more leads and higher close rates.

The focus can be different between Marketing and Sales Departments. Sales staff focus on whatever brings the highest reward (commission), where marketing usually focuses on whatever they like, since there usually is no real measurement of the marketing function. This can lead to advertisements that win creative acclaim but do not generate results. Implementing a reward structure for Marketing that is based on sales volumes will help align the two groups.

Marketing tends to target a group (also known as “a market”) and sales people tend to target an individual (also known as “a sale”). You do need a very clear idea of your target market (refer to other articles on this site) and your marketing message has to appeal to the entire group. Your sales force follow that up and personalise that message for the individual they are currently talking to.

Marketers may never actually talk to a client, whereas your Sales people spend the greater part of their working day talking to clients. This can mean Marketers lose sight of what is important to your target market, so close collaboration between the groups and feedback from Sales is necessary if both departments (and your business) is to achieve the best possible result.

These are the differences that i believe are the most important – what do you think? Suggest another or tell us what your experiences have been.

How Does Egypt Help Your Business?

The most popular search term for 27 Feb 2011 was ‘Egypt’. How does knowing that help your business?